Sarees hold a very significant role in the lives of Indian women during the various stages of her life. When a young girl reaches her puberty, the family members as per most of the customs celebrate the moment by either gifting her or making her wear a saree. Similarly, even in case of the arranged marriages when the two families get together to decide on a matrimonial alliance, the woman dons a traditional saree as a mark of respect. 

For a woman the most significant milestone in her life is her wedding and sarees play a vital role in making the bride look even more stunning. The entire family from both the bride and bridge grooms side flaunt prettiest and costliest sarees depending on their status quo as weddings are the 

Another significant milestone in a woman’s life is when she is expecting a child. Expectant mothers on reaching seventh month of pregnancy are showered with blessings in a special baby shower ceremony where the mother dons a beautiful saree and all the guests take turns in congratulating and blessing both the mother and the baby.  

For mid-aged and elderly women, festivals play an important part in their lives. They love donning pretty sarees as per the fashion trends and partake in various festivals. A sense of achievement, satisfaction and deep-rooted peace is felt when they celebrate with their family and friends sporting their favourite sarees.

For the elderly and mid-aged house wives, even for the daily puja, they don the sarees and rever their Gods while praying for the wellbeing of their family. 

Sarees are the fabric of harmony in one’s life. They are an epitome of the deepest values and cultural significance. They connote the humblest and humane qualities of women.


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