Sarees have been in fashion since the Indus Valley Civilisation, dating back to 1800 BC. So, what is so special about sarees? Firstly, sarees are made indigenously so it inculcates a feeling of belonginess to the nation, the pride towards one’s society, the deep-rooted values one imbibes over the years and the feminine beauty it enhances on donning it.

It is believed that change is constant and in this parlance the fashionwear has been changing from era to era, generations after generations but saree has remained iconic as a garb while the ways in which one styles and drapes has evolved into different fashion trends. In recent times, you can see the models donning sarees with trousers instead of petticoats and even the cholis (bodices) are designed to suit one’s imagination; be it embroidered, sequinned, halter necked, backless, strapless and a variety of other styles.

The intricate floral zardozi, beadworks, sequins, thread work in the form of embroideries, lace work, patchwork and there a zillion other embellishments that have been used to adorn modern sarees. From a humble pricing to a whopping price tag, sarees have come a long way to attract the discerning buyers. So is the case with the materials used for making these sarees, spanning from silks, cottons, synthetic nylons, georgettes, chiffons and a lot many others.

Travel through the nooks and crannies of the country and you shall come across women purchasing colourful sarees at shops, moving around in homes wearing sarees, sporting them at offices as attires (dress codes), attending festivals, functions and funerals. Sarees have become a way of life for lakhs of Indians who uphold their religious beliefs and love to follow their traditions and cultures thereby continuing to inspire their kith and kin and ensuring that the tradition continues to rule even in the future.

Be it in film industry, fashion shows or entertainment industry such as TV and Theatre, sarees have carved a niche for itself and when the central protagonists of the Film or TV industry sport a particular saree in a particular style, the whole nation starts emulating the style and it becomes a sensation overnight with the immense influence of social media on the lives of women. These celebrities become key influencers and style icons to inspire others to change with changing times and explore different styles and materials even when it comes to sarees but what remains unchanged is the core essence of sarees as the primary attire of the Indian women.


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