Colourful sarees compliment and reflect the inner most beauty of women. They bring out the warmth, the vibrant aura and the magnetic personalities of the wearer. The myriad colours define women’s strong individualities and reflect their personal choices and demeanour. Let’s explore some of the most preferred colours while purchasing sarees:

Red: This colour is the quintessential favourite of women. Women who love red colour are often romantic by nature, they are friendly, dynamic and good natured. Red is a colour of love, celebration, auspicious beginnings and passion. Red sarees are the most preferred choices for weddings and celebrations. Just a plain red saree or with gold or silver borders makes one look stunning. Alternatively, any work be it block prints, sequins, beads, thread work or zardozi accentuate the red sarees.

Blue: Sarees in various shades of blue look electrifying and uber cool. Blue brings out the royal charm in women. It amplifies their beauty. It is a serene colour and sarees in blue bring compliments galore to the wearer.

Green: Green is the colour of nature, growth and peace. It signifies peace and harmony. Women look pretty in green. Being a soothing and invigorating colour, the wearer tends to be in an upbeat mood on wearing a green saree. Silver and golden borders make the sarees look even more beautiful. 
Black: Black is cynosure of elegance, grace and magnetic personality. Black is an all-time favourite. In olden times, black was considered a colour of grief and signified loss, but with changing eras it has become a colour to mark one’s status, pride and power. Black sarees with shimmering coloured cholis or blouses of contrasting colours make women look like divas.

Pink: The colour pink is one of the most complimenting colours for women. It stands for feminity, grace, soft-heartedness, pretty demeanour and compassion. Pink makes a woman radiate with joy and inner peace. It makes the wearer look angelic. Pink sarees often attract the attention of one’s loved ones.

Yellow: This colour stands for everything bright, beautiful, inspiring, energetic, and radiant. Women in yellow colour sarees look optimistic and happy. It reflects their cheerful nature, intelligence and a go-getting personality. Yellow sarees look stunning with contrasting borders or embroidered, sequinned and beaded bodices.


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